Boys into School

Boys Into School Project

The Boys into School Project (BiS) is a new initiative that aims to make sure that boys have the skills they will need to make the successful transition into school. A lot of boys struggle with their entry into school because they lack certain skills, these include:

a. Communication (especially speech) with 4 out of 5 children with speech delay being boys;

b. Taking instructions, understanding and accepting rules and the teachers authority;

c. Understanding how a class works (especially in terms of different class areas e.g. carpet, table, and playground) and understanding what school is for.

d. Concentration level (initially in terms of play, but developing into more formal class work).

The Boys into School Project delivers courses to parents to show them practical ways in which these skills can be developed before their sons arrive at the school gate.

Outcomes for parents

Boys Development ProjectIncreased understanding of issues that impact on boys in general and their transition to school in particular;

A series of techniques and exercises for parents to use to equip their sons for school;

Increased confidence in managing their son’s behaviour and increasing their involvement in his education.

BiS is a Boys Development Project initiative and funded by the Wates Foundation. You can download a pdf of the booklet ‘Boys into School (a brief guide) here or if you want to order a paper copy please go to our resources page here.

Trefor Lloyd

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